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I am going to tell you in very simple terms how chiropractic can affect every cell in your body and reenergize them. We will give you a very simplified anatomy/physiology overview so that you can understand the role of chiropractic.

Let’s start with the basics. Your brain and spinal cord with all of the nerves that branch from it, control every cell and function in your body. Your skull and spine, which is made up of movable vertebrae protect the brain and spinal cord. Each vertebra has a joint relationship with the one above and below.

If one of those vertebrae or joints becomes subluxated/fixated/stiff/not moving, etc..., then nerve interference can occur due to pressure, swelling, muscle spasm, etc. Together, these things cause pain for the person.

The Chiropractic adjustment serves to reduce the amount of joint stiffness, muscle spasming, ligament tension, inflammation, and swelling. Thus reducing the pain that one is experiencing.

How will this affect every cell in your body? Every cell is supplied in some way, shape, or form by your nervous system. If your nervous system is compromised, then the body part, will be affected. Outside of helping reduce the pain that brings most people into the office, your overall health will improve.

What makes me different from any other chiropractor? Well to answer that, let me tell you what I do, then you decide whether you find anything that is diffferent.

I started chiropractic care when I was 19 and skeptical. I am not here to convince you that you need chiropractic care, but offer to work with you to achieve your optimum health. We partner to find the best path to achieve your goals. If I do not have the answers or it is not within my expertise, then we will get you to the right place.

The next thing that I do is use the Pulstar instrument. This is also known as MIT, (or multiple impulse therapy).This is the latest technology for chiropractors. Without boring you with the technical details, in a nutshell, it measures the amount of resistance in each joint to determine whether that joint is moving like it should. This is displayed on a computer monitor which allows the patient to see the graph before the adjustment and the graph after the adjustment has been made. Patients are able to see the change that is happening each visit. The instrument is non-radiating so it is used on each visit. You can read about it on our technology page.

I hope that I have peaked your curiosity to find out about this technology and about your spine. Once again, my name is Dr. Jennifer Westcott and my office is located at 29671 Six Mile Road, suite 110C, Livonia Michigan. We are just west of Middlebelt on Six mile, on the south side of the road.

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